About me



I enjoy that programming allows me to solve my own problems and I love tweaking my linux system to make my life easier.

Anything that can resonably be done in the command-line, I do there. Because of that most of the stuff I programm works around the command-line. For quick scripts and stuff that needs to interface with multiple other programms I use Shell, for more complex applications JavaScript/TypeScript.

For info on my arch setup check-out my dotfiles.


I cook every night (unless I got leftovers). It allows me to be creative in improvising meals, has depth in combining flavours, lets me take full control of my nutrition, allows me to unwind through the mindless portions of it and I get to eat tasty stuff every day.


I'm currently following the 5x5 and going to the gym is a lot of fun. The increasing weights every session give a sense of progression and the proper free weights execution one of mastery.


Not doing anything major, I just enjoy taking 1-3h rides around Berlin and Brandenburg. Gets me out of my head and I take joy in tiring myself out on the pedals.

Reading (non-fiction)

I generally read about topics that already interest me (programming, cooking/nutrition, lifting, etc.) or general life advice (habits, productivity, etc.).


Whenever I do meditate it always pays off, as I am more self-aware, (goal) focused and patient. On top of it the practice is generally relaxing, though not always easy. I use Headspace recordings for my practice.



The medium and the fact that it is a piece of media that can be create by even one person, allows manga to be really creative and personal in the stories they tell. Some of my favorites include (unordered):

(Board-) Games

The fixed rulesets allows for relatively quick proficiency and even mastery. I especially enjoy skill-based games (so not Monopoly), where I can optimize and get lost in the game. Some of my favorites:


I mostly listen to Hip Hop and EDM (Psytrance, Electro, Drum & Bass), 95% of the time to stuff I'm already familar with. I listen to other genres too, but that's what I keep coming back to.

In Hip Hop production is more important to me than lyrics. I like repetition that changes over time. Some of my favorites:


Questions? Feedback? Feel free to reach out: about@jneidel.com